Travelling with Jota Aviation during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Jota Aviation has an enterprise risk management system that continuously monitors emerging hazards that have the potential to cause harm to our operation, staff, aircraft, passengers or clients. The current Covid-19 pandemic is no exception and we have been working hard to mitigate hazards well before the UK went into lockdown and tighter restrictive government measures came into force.

This has been a totally unique situation, however it still requires the same management system approach that we have in place to minimise the potential for harm for our organisation and stakeholders whilst still maintaining a business as usual flying programme.

We have been constantly monitoring all ‘official’ guidelines and information and populating our own live COVID-19  management document to ensure that we adhere to all the latest published guidelines and best practice.

Our crew, engineers, aircraft and passengers are now subject to additional safety procedures that meet all of the relevant guidance.

To find out what we are doing to minimise the risk to our passengers and crew please see the following COVID-19 UPDATE